July workshops with Badia Star!

Dark Summer Choreography workshop with Badia Star

Let’s cut to the chase! Come an learn an original choreography by Badia Star in two evenings, with an option to perform the piece. This choreography will be rooted in the Classic Older Egyptian style that Badia is famous for, and the technique will be broken down and drilled as required. We’ll also focus on getting ready for performance, with tips from Badia to make this piece sparkle and shine.

All participants have the option of performing Badia’s piece in the Summer Sizzler Dark Salon, on Saturday, July 16, 2016 held at The Dark Side Studio. Please note, the performance is completely optional.

This class is designed for all levels and styles of belly dancers. Some experience in belly dance is required.

Wednesday, July 6 & 13

6 to 9:30 pm

Cost $225 – EARLY BIRD PRICE only $170

Advance registration

Workshop with Laura June this Sunday!

Laura June Header

That’s right, Laura June will be in town and she’s coming to the Dark Side Studio for a workshop!

Smart with Spice: Luciterra Signature Choreography with Laura June

Fun, upbeat, dynamic, and complex, this choreography will highlight the intelligence of your body movement while allowing your personality to shine.

We will begin with a thorough warmup and conditioning section and then tackle a brand new 2016 Luciterra choreography!
Inspire a new way of looking at your own choreography, and unleash your smart and playful side!
Modifications will be offered to be an appropriate challenge for all levels.

Date:  Sunday, March 20, 2016
Time:  11 am to 1 pm
Cost: $50

January 2016 classes

The Winter 2016 Session runs Monday, January 11 through Thursday, February 25, 2016

All classes are available for drop in


Registration and fee information here.

Noon-1 pm Daytime Drills – Lunch Edition with Audra (multi-level)
6-7 pm The Art of the Taxim with Audra (multi-level) Lavender with Audra Dark Side Boot Camp with Heather (multi-level)
7:15-8:15 pm Dark Side Boot Camp with Audra (multi-level) Building Block Combinations with Audra Basic Black with Heather
8:30-9:30 pm Dark Side Student Troupe with Heather (closed class) Conditioning for belly dance with Heather (multi-level) PWYC Workshop 1st Wed of month
5:30-6:30 pm Basic Black with Audra
6:30-7:45 pm Turquoise with Audra
7:45-10 pm Lavish rehearsal



Progression through technical stages is determined in consultation with your instructor.
Private lessons are also available. Please contact us for prices and availability.

Stage 1 – Basic Black

Basic Black is for beginners, and those with belly dance experience who are new to The Dark Side Studio and wish to study in the technical stream (Basic Black, Lavender, Turquoise and Pewter). This class focuses on fundamental tribal fusion belly dance concepts in a fun, supportive environment, including posture, muscle isolations, movement vocabulary and musicality that will be developed and used throughout all technical levels. Finger cymbals are introduced at this level and are available at the studio for purchase.

Stage 2 – Lavender

In Lavender, technical concepts from Basic Black are refined. In addition to new vocabulary and patterns, the speed of isolations, movements, and travel is increased. Layering of movements and isolations is introduced at this level.

New finger cymbal patterns are introduced in Lavender, and students will pair finger cymbals with dance movement.

Stage 3 – Turquoise

At this level, complex layering is developed in stationary and traveling drills with intricate foot and arm patterns. Technique is combined with dance knowledge and applied to dance combinations. Students will work with a variety of approaches to improvisation.

More complex finger cymbal patterns are introduced both stationary and with movement.

Stage 4 – Pewter

In Pewter, drilling sessions with complex foot patterns and arm patterns are refined, delving into speed, complexity, subtlety, nuance, expression and creation. We will work with finger cymbals, shimmies, layering, creating combinations, musicality, and specialty projects as requested.

Dark Side Boot Camp

Multi-level drills class designed to assist dancers in refining technique, maintaining posture, and enhancing muscular control. Each week will focus on 2 to 3 isolations in stationary and moving drills at various speeds, alone and paired with foot and arm patterns. Boot Camp is tough, but comes with a lot of laughing and fun. Some experience in belly dance is required (not necessarily from The Dark Side Studio), belly dancers of all styles welcome.


The Dark Side Student Troupe

For students interested in learning choreography, developing performance skills and experience, and learning about group dynamics. Student Troupe performs at shows, haflas, and events like Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sundays.

This class is closed to Troupe members only.

The Art of the Taxim (multi-level, drop in friendly)

Join Audra for her take on a traditional belly dance! This session we’ll be focusing on the art of the taxim. The taxim is traditionally where a solo instrument improvises, sometimes to a background drum rhythm and sometimes it plays alone. It’s where the belly dancer shows her artistic interpretation of the music. Drawing on aspects of improvisation, Audra will teach several approaches to tackling the taxim, as we begin to take the mystery out of this beautiful musical genre, and put the power in your hands and body.

Open to all with belly dance experience from beginners onwards, no experience in Dark Side technique required.

Building Block Combinations (multi-level)

Each week, we’ll start by learning a simple combination which we’ll use as a building block or starting point. From there, we’ll will use that building block as a base, and will develop it in a couple of different ways, to various styles of music.
Technique will be taught if required, but mostly the focus of this class is dancing out the various forms of the combinations.
Open to all with belly dance experience from beginners onwards, no experience in Dark Side technique required.


Conditioning for belly dance with Heather (multi-level)

A blend of cardio, body weight resistance, and flexibility specifically designed with a belly dancer’s fitness needs in mind. Work on targeted exercises and drills that will safely develop each dancer’s ability to tackle level changes, floor work, back bends and more. Individual modifications will be offered for all levels of fitness and skill, so this class is appropriate and encouraged for all levels and styles welcome – from the brand new dancer to the seasoned pro and everyone in between.